Monday, June 27, 2011

CMPG #1 (CHOICE Mandarin Penang #1)

1 槟城华语CHOICE 周末营

CHOICE 是通过世界夫妇恳谈会无私的爱与慷慨精神所延展出来的单身青年组织。CHOICE 周末营正是特为在职单身青年所举办的。

CHOICE 周末营是个需要留宿的周末营一个远离城市的喧闹与拥挤的空间,一个能让彼此放慢繁忙的脚步,以正面的角度去探讨单身青年的选择与反省生命的意义。不但如此这周末营也着重于人与人之间的关系以及沟通。CHOICE周末营是以天主教会为本,并以非正式及轻松的方式进行。

CHOICE Mandarin Penang Weekend #1 (CMPG #1)

CHOICE is a weekend live-in experience for Single Adults (21-40 years) developed through the generosity and selfless love of the Worldwide Marriage Encounter Family.

CHOICE is a self enrichment experience. It is a weekend getaway from the busy lifestyle. It's about making choices, looking into every aspect of our relationship with the significant people in our lives. Our weekend experience gives young single adults the opportunity to meet like-minded people, and be able to look at the various relationships in our lives, in a relaxed and informal environment.

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