Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CHOICEes help out at St.Anne's Feast

St. Anne's Feast started on the 23rd of July and will continue to the 1st of Aug.

Since day one, St. Anne's Church parish has been providing free food and drinks to all devotees, pilgrims, parishioners and visitors. As long as there's masses/novena's being held in the church, there'll be food available for all.

I'm glad to report that a few of our CHOICEes have been helping out at the stalls. They helped the organisers serve the food and drinks and sell ice-cream. They also helped around the stalls making sure that there's enough fork and spoons, plates...etc. I've also heard that they have met a CHOICEe from Perak from Perak Weekend #1!! Wow! That's nice.

The feast is still going on, and the organisers are still looking for volunteers. So if you're free and want to join in the fun, come and meet them at St. Anne's Church and I'm sure they'll be glad to accept your help.

God Bless You.

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