Thursday, July 15, 2010

M.A.D Project - Shan Children's Home, Penang

In January, CEPG #54 organised a trip to Shan Children's Home for their MAD Project. It was quite a good turn out as even friends and family of the CHOICEes joined in. We went to the home bringin lunch and I'm sure the kids were delighted with it, different from what they usually have. They even had the privilage of being served by us :)

Once everyone was full with the lovely food, we then had a Charade game. CHOICEes and kids played together and had a really good time with lots of laughter! Then next was the musical chairs. This game, the kids were the pros! they even fought the chairs with the adults! they don't give any mercy! :D And to cool down after all that excitement, we headed indoors for a sing-a-long session with our songstress - lovely voice.
The day spent with the kids was just lovely, simple yet meaningful to the kids as well. Contributions of school equipment and dried food were given as well. Of course it all ended with a (crazy) group picture!

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