Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Report: St. Anne's Feast

I do apologise for the late report on the help at St.Anne's feast. Have been quite busy with work and up-coming CHOICE outings.

At St.Anne's feast, there was a need of volunteers to help serve food that was sponsored to all pilgrims and devotees of St.Anne. I'm glad to say that we did have a number of CHOICEes who came to volunteer help serve and sell food. We had CHOICEes from the latest weekend (CEPG 55 - good to know see you all again), from CEPG 54 and other senior CHOICEes.

our CC1 taking a quick second to pose for a pic :)

busy busy busy

Some volunteered for full 10 days, some for a few days, but I believe the full team was on Saturday to help with the crowd as it was the BIG night of procession, stage play and open-air mass. Didn't manage to take pics of the other CHOICEes as we were too busy, the crowd was impressive! But fret not, we really appreciate your help to those who came. God Bless You!

So hopefully to see more CHOICEes to help out at next years feast? ;)

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