Monday, September 13, 2010

CEPG #55 - Social Gathering

i know i know, i'm sorry, it's a long over due post :)

CEPG #55 had organised a Social Gathering in August this year. and it was quite a success eventhough less than half of CEPG #55 attended. but never the less great effor on the organisers and i'm sure we all had great fun (with the heat from the steam and bbq LOL). we were blessed by our fellow CHOICE Melaka-Johor friends who joined us for the gathering. lots of chit-chat, laughter and food!

this gather was held at Town Steamboat, Macalister Road. it's a huge place (hawker centre like) where it's buffet style. pay one price (differs from weekday and weekend) and you can eat all you want. they have fried stuff, to raw meats/veg/mushroom/taufu, to seafood, laksa, noodles, ice-kacang, ice-cream, jellies, cakes and drinks. great place to for such gathering, fun too! hahahah

i do hope in future, more gatherings or reunions of CHOICE weekend participants will happen. and it was great to see all of you again. when will the next one be ah? :D

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