Sunday, December 19, 2010

Youth Leadership Congress 2010

the Youth Leadership Congress 2010 was held from the 12-14 of November at St.Anne's Church in BM. it was organised by PDYN and it's sub-groups. CHOICE was one of the groups and we helped out in certain areas. this congress was to bring together youth leaders and members to attend talks and workshops that will help them in their own youth groups.

there were different talks going on at the same time, from Praise and Worship to Leadership to starting up small youth group and many more other talks. there was even a Q&A session. it was quite informative and i'm sure the youths have gathered lots of information and ideas to be brought back to their own groups.

the CHOICEes were there to help out with the marketing, accomodation and F&B. while we were not on duty, they also attended the talks. it was great fun to be working together for a good cause.

there was a fellowship dinner at the BM Country club where we had Chinese sit-down course dinner and of course performances, games and lucky draw! food was good and the entertainment was good too!

on the last day of the congress, the organisers and participants were to sign the banner to leave their mark in the congress! and i believe the banner was not big enough! LOL.. and of course some had to pose with the beautiful banner :)

this congress is a great way to bring all the youth leaders together to help each other to build and strengthen their own youth groups. looking forward for the next one in 2011!

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