Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tamil CHOICE Penang Jubilee

Written by Marlina Sara (CEPG #54)

This event was held on 4th December. I represented the English CHOICE group. Thank God, that weekend I didn’t have other function and wanted to attend this Anniversary event, to show my support for the Tamil CHOICE.But after buying the tickets, I found out that many girls were not going, the girls I’m close with. Then I rasa tadak mood to go. On that Saturday, it was raining heavily, lagi la, I didn’t want to go. But mom insisted that I should go, since I paid for the tickets, so I went.

Fiona & some of the girls were already there. I wore a simple attire; the rain really spoilt my mood to dress up.

I met Sagaya as I reached the entrance & she guided me to the English CHOICE table; it was at the front. Fiona, her dad, Maureen, SuSee, Liz, Jacinta, Mary were all seated. Thank God, the show haven’t started.Bishop Selva was there, as well as Fr Dom. After the opening speech, food was served. Jaya Catering Food, not bad la.

What I enjoyed most: the 2 MC’s – they were very entertaining & funny. They speak good Tamil. The other thing I enjoyed was the performance – wow, really superb! I really didn’t know they have so much of talents; the singing – superb voices; the dances – superb steps! Most of them sang as though they were professionals; no stage fright and there was Style when they sang. Really, damn good!There were CHOICEe’s came from all over Penang diocese and also from KL too. There were also 2 singers (twin bros) who recently released their album and their songs are currently been playing in the local radio stations. They are like our local Tamil rappers; their song was really good. Another talent - they hail from Sg Siput.

The setback: The MC’s did a good job, but most of the time, they were talking among themselves. Since this is a 15th Anniversary, perhaps they could have done ‘walk down memory lane’ & share with us some interesting stories/facts. However, their jokes were really good.

Another thing, there was no door gift given. At least something to commemorate this event.

But overall, the event was awesome & 2 thumbs-up for them!

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