Monday, February 21, 2011

Chinese New Year Fellowship Dinner

CHOICE Penang gathered together for the annual Chinese New Year "Reunion" dinner. It was a small gathering with the CHOICE Eng couple - Aunty Nancy and Uncle Thomas. The date was set and the venue as well. This time, the dinner was held at The Forum, Island Plaza.

Appetizers were of course the Lou Sang, we lou-ed and lou-ed saying well wishes for all CHOICEes, family and friends. Boy, what a mess we made! heheheh it was delicious too! yummy!

then the food started to arrive. we had asam fish curry, toufu, lemon (or was it orange) chicken, sweet sour pork (which was btw yummy!) and some veg as well. Great choice of venue Audrey! the food was lovely and wonderful!!
it wasn't just us who attended the dinner, we had a visitor CHOICEe from KL, and a fellow sister of one of our CHOICEe who was back home from China. visitors are always welcome to our fellowship gatherings, as they say, the more the merrier!

looking forward for more gatherings with the new CHOICEes! lets keep this tradition alive! God Bless to all :D

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