Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Coffee Morning and CEPG #56 Roadshow

April was a very busy month for the CEPG CHOICEes. Everyone was preparing for the upcoming CEPG #56 weekend in May. One of the early preparation of the Recruitment Team is well, recruiting! so what we did was, we had a combined Fund-Raising Coffee Morning cum Roadshow to recruit new participants to the weekend.

we had lots of food being prepared and sold for both Saturday and Sunday at Holy Spirit Cathedral. as you can see our very colourful menu and a sneak peek of what we sold. just managed to get pics before it all got sold out! a big THANK YOU to all who have bought from us hehehehe

fellow CHOICEes from CEPG #55 came to help out and we were very happy to see them again! it's always nice to see CHOICEes coming back to help/serve :D we did not only sell food, but also caught up with updates on each other and basically having fun serving for a good cause.

even parents of CHOICEes came to help out as well. as said previously, ALL are welcome to help! old CHOICEes, new CHOICEes, parents of CHOICEes... :D not forgetting, other than selling and fund-raising, the recruitment team was busy recruiting as well!Thank You to all who have helped us during the Coffee Morning and Roadshow, without you we wouldn't have gotten things done :) God Bless and hope to see you again!

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